Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My heart is breaking.

A bit of family history.

Pam is John's sister.

Nicki is Pam's daughter.

Georgia is Nicki's daughter.

Nicki is a big time drug user and will sleep with anyone anytime, and all the crap that goes with being a drug user. Sigh I've always had a big soft spot for Nicki, she had a hard childhood. But that is another story.

Pam has legal custody of Georgia. But this year got a divorce from her boy toy husband, #3 husband . Now Pam wants to go out every weekend to get drunk and have fun, aka sleep with anyone who has more money than she has, not hard to do. Sigh. Of course Pam can't do this because Georgia is always "hanging around" her neck. Oh BTW Georgia is almost 6.

nicki is talking about putting her in a children's home because she doesn't want the little bitch around her shoulders. Hmmm nicki doesn't do anything with Georgia, nothing at all.

Pam has said well if that's what Nicki wants. Excuse me? You've never listened to what Nicki wanted for Georgia before.

Luke, Georgia's dad in is prison. Ok he did wrong now he's doing his time. Luke has a lovely girlfriend and her kids know that Georgia is their sister, Georgia knows about them Now Luke loves Georgia to bits. Unfortunately his name isn't on her birth certificate. So a DNA test is the only way that will ever be proved. Looking like her Daddy won't cut it in any court. Luke and his girlfriend would take Georgia in a heartbeat. But because of his history I'm not sure that will ever happen.

An almost six year old stands no chance of being adopted by a loving family. I have to admit that when she is with her Nan and mum she is a total brat. She has NO routine, no rules or guidelines. Just gets shouted and sworn at. Yes Georgia is a big handful. When she comes to stay with us, you wouldn't know it was the same child. We have rules, we read books, play and cuddle her. She know that she can't watch everything she wants to watch on TV. In fact she firmly believes that the TV doesn't work in the morning and there is no way we would park her in front of the TV all day just to keep her quiet. At home she is loud, noisy and screams to high heaven if she doesn't get attention.

John and I have talked for hours and hours about asking if she can come and live with us. With our health and age it wouldn't be a good option for us or Georgia. I'm heart broken. I don't want this little girl to be thrown away because she's in the fucking way. But that is what I fear will happen.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. I am sorry. Wish I could do something.

sassymonkey said...

I'm sorry. :( I hope that things are able to work out somehow.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

my heart breaks over this too. having a child around might actually be good for you and John. praying for Georgia...