Sunday, May 21, 2006


John always wakes me up after he's made me a cup of coffee. Have I mentioned that I don't do mornings?? Anyway I'm sitting in my chair trying to figure out what day it is. Sooo I did the usual and asked John what day is it?

Me: What day is it today?

John: Thursday

Me: It is?

John yep, tomorrow is Friday, next day is Saturday and pension day.

Me: Feeling very, very confused, because I can see the weekend Mag. that comes with the paper.

Me: Are you sure?

John: Of course.

Me: Oh. Didn't we go to the grocery store yesterday and didn't I buy a couple of chickens?

John: we sure did.

Me: sitting looking out of the living room window totally confused and thinking OMG women your mind has gone kaput. Think brain, think! OK, I know we went to the doctors Friday, then grocery shopping on Saturday. Bloody hell has whole week gone by and I've forgotten it? I'm even scared to mention the weekend Mag. in case it's not really there, ya know what I mean?

After about half an hour of me being totally confused, wracking my brains trying to think if it was Saturday or Sunday, wondering if I'd lost a whole week, worried about the state of my mind........

John: Do you want the Sunday mag.?

Me: You bastard, you had me convinced it was Thursday and I was losing my mind.

John: laughing so hard he chokes on his tea!!!!!

You had to have been here, actually it was pretty funny, now he keeps asking me if I'm having a good Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

I will get him back one of these days.

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Emsxiety said...

That's just plain mean, absolutely HILARIOUS, but mean!!