Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Evil Eyed One

Was sitting on the empty bird feeder this morning. Looking right at me through the window. Peck, peck on the wood, looks at me again and repeats performance. Then he/she hung on the edge of the feeder and tried to tap the window giggle. That not the first bird that's done a window thing.

Now these birds are just going to have to understand. I. Don't. Do. Mornings! About 11 after getting washed and dressed I did my morning bird feeder fill up and there he was, on a tree quite a way a way and as soon as I left John told me he came down, filled up his beak with fruit and took off.

This is the other one that will fly at the window to get my attention.

Our bird feeder is very basic, made out of left over wood with a flat top, it's a T shape. It has three hanging baskets on it in the winter with suet balls, seed and peanuts. They ignore the seed and peanuts during the summer so I take them down. Such little cost for so much joy.


Denise said...

I have no seed in my feeders and the birds seem unhappy. They are enjoying the water fountain though. It's so dry here I'm not sure where they would find water without it.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

birds are fun to watch

Vanda said...

Tut tut Denise, when you start feeding birds it's commitment that you should keep up. Thanks for making me remember I need to get a bird bath too.

Vanda said...

They are Karen, and cheeky too!