Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well honey, if you want me to be a camel

then you had better sort out how much fishing gear you want me to carry for you when you go fishing. Or I'm going to get the hump!

So all afternoon there has been fishing gear all over the living room floor. John's bored, has a sever case of cabin fever and felt well enough to walk around the the garage, this here camel carried it into the house. I had to make two trips then the blasted garage door wouldn't lock, agrhhh. Oh darn, I forgot the cardboard so after phoning for the repair guy off back to the garage to get it. Ok, now my stress level went through the roof because now the garage door is stuck all the way open. Sigh, just what John didn't need was another walk to around the back. Thank goodness he managed to get the door closed and locked. Anyway to cut a long story short, the repair guy came, sprayed WD40 in every nook and cranny. I pointed out where I could see the door had been scraping the side but of course I'm just a mere women, and had to have it pointed out to me that it works now! If it gets stuck again call in to repair and don't try and shut the door. Ok, I understood that.

I just don't know why that little tiny bit of stress send my level way higher than it should have been. I ended up having a rotten back pain, headache, tired kind of day. At least John thought I did an "outstanding job" of cooking the stew. That's his words quoted LOL. He's never told me that before about stew gigggle.

I laid down on his bed to rest my back after lunch and ended up going sound asleep. So we had a late dinner of my "outstanding" stew:-)

Just in case you're wondering why I'm going to carry the fishing stuff for John, it's beause he can't carry it and breath at the same time. Luckily where he goes fishing it isn't to far to walk to a peg.

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Emsxiety said...

hmm a camel huh? Too funny!