Sunday, April 16, 2006

John might be discharged

by the nurse tomorrow! Depends if he's as good as he was today. So we're off to his sisters house later to have dinner, along with a bag of meds that have to go with us. Three inhalers, one nebuliser. Oh and I mustn't forget the extension cord. Pam doesn't have one. Gigggle it's a bit like taking a baby out check list and all.

I've very happy that he's getting better.


Shelly said...

I am so happy John is doing so much better. You sound so much happier these days my friend, should I assume that the pain is relatively less than it has been?

Hugs to you my friend, Happy Easter!

Vanda said...

Thanks Shelly, I think the pain patches are working really well. If I have breakthrough pain I do take some over the counter Tylenol and codeine type pills.

Having pain free days is truly great:-)