Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Update

Lets see now, John didn't have his last cancer treatment because he was to ill with the bird flu. That was on the 27th March. I had to cancel the Facet Joint Injections for my back on the 28th March because there was no way he could take me and pick me up poor baby. Then I got sick with the bird flu. Ok, it's not really bird flu LOL.

Last Saturday he insisted on going grocery shopping. No, no, said I it can wait until Monday. Oh no typical man, John decided he had been sick and in the house way to long and he had to do it for himself! He started to fell worse and worse as the day went on and finally I had to call the paramedic Saturday night. Damn I felt so guilty that I didn't phone for them earlier. He got way too stressed about me going to the hospital because it was dark and I don't do well driving in the dark sigh so I stayed home. I tell you the phone line was hot from me to the hospital. They only kept him in the Emergency room for about an hour, then moved him to the Emergency Assessment Unit and in the early hours of Sunday morning they moved him to the lung ward.

He had pneumonia and looked and felt like hell, having pnemonia on top of already having COPD isn't a good thing at all. Tuesday they let him home because I was there to look after him. My orders were John can come home as long as I treated him like he was still in the hospital ward and he couldn't do anymore than if he was still in hospital. The pulmonary nurse comes in every day and boy am I impressed with her.

Either one of the antibiotics or one of the inhalers is causing him to have nasty white yucky sores in his mouth and throat. John is looking better but his breathing after he just walks to the bathroom is still pretty rough, and talk about black under the eyes. I tell you he was one sick puppy.

Meds he is on:

1 Inhaler four times a day

1 twice a day

1 before and after doing anything that might make him breathless, as needed.

Nebuliser 4 times a day for the next 4 to 10 days.

Prednisone 8 a day for two more days

2 lots of antibiotic for 7 more days.

Liquid medicine 4 times a day to break up the congestion that he has to take for the next two months at least.

And today she is going to bring him some kind of gel or something for his mouth and throat.

How can you get pneumonia if you've had the shot that's supposed to cover you for 10 years?

All of this in addition to the regular meds he takes every day. giggggle I'm going to have a husband that rattles. He's not allowed to go to the doctors about his breathing until the nurse has discharged him. If he gets really sick again he has a red card, call 999 and he will be admitted to the EAU as soon as he gets there. That scared me having the red card. Thank God he only needs it until he is discharged by the nurse.

My next appointment with the pain clinic is the 11th May, not sure if they will reschedule the injections or not. I'll just have to wait and see.

Ok I've written a book and if you've gotten this far I'm impressed ;-)

Time for coffee! Have a happy Easter my friends.


Lee said...

good grief that's a bunch of medicine...hopefully, y'all can start getting back into a routine now...enjoy you coffee gam :) how's Spike?

Vanda said...

Lee, this is the best grooming Spike has had and he looks sooooo cute. gigggle it's bathtime and he does hate having a bath. It sure helps when you have a groomer who gives a dog some loving and taking to him. I'm going to make an appointmen for him in three months.

I need to buy a new camara cord so I can post some pictures but that's just go have to wait a few weeks.

This little cutie groomer is a keeper!

Jeannette said...

Thank you for commenting on my journal. Glad you have found someone to groom Spike. Happy Easter my friend xxxxx

Who's Askin'? said...

Hi Vanda-- Happy Easter to you too! I will be thinking of you and wishing health for both your hubby and you!!!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Vanda, you poor dear, sounds like you and John are having it rough. Praying you'll both be better soon. Happy Easter!

Emsxiety said...

What John has sounds like thrush. Basically and overgrowth of yeast in the mouth, it can be painful and yucky. My mother gets it quite easily as she takes a boatload of inhalers as well. Make sure he rinses his mouth after he finishes taking his inhaler, it will help prevent thrush. More than likely he'll get a swish and spit medicine that will clear it right up for him.
Thinking good thoughts for you both!!!!!

badgermama said...

I've had the horrible white sores... it's thrush, from the corticosteroid inhalers!

It helps if you rinse your mouth and gargle with salt water right after doing the inhalers.