Monday, March 13, 2006

Treatment Day 11.....Oh my

The bad mood has kicked in big time. And it's over silly things, like John has a runny nose he looks fine but OMG this is the worst cold he has ever had LOL this coming from a man who doesn't generally act like a baby when he is ill. We were watching the news tonight and something came on about China competing in the Commonwealth games. "What the hell is China doing in the competing in the commonwealth games, they aren't part of the Commonwealth for God sakes" giggle. All kinds of silly little things set him on a rant. I just agree and now this to will pass!

It's countdown week one, the end is in sight! Treatment today went well but they were running way behind time because the heating wasn't on this morning and they wouldn't let anyone in the treatment rooms because it was so cold.

I stayed home because I had a headache and to be honest I so enjoyed my time alone. Spike and I snuggled in my chair. Although it was chilly out the sun was shining so I had the doors and windows open to get some fresh air in the house, hoping it would cure my headache. LOL It didn't but tomorrow I'll wake up headache free!!!!

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