Sunday, March 12, 2006

Treatment day 10.

Were in and out on Friday, in fact we were in the car heading to the grocery store before his actual appointment time. The tiredness is getting much much/ worse, he does look like he needs a good nights sleep. We are hoping that he doesn't get anymore side effectx in the next two week. John has IBS so if he got a bit of runny bowl that would be a help. I know he's peeing more because of the amount of water/tea/coffee that is because he's drinking at least 2 bottles of water day. And this was the man that told me he didn't like tap water. I still use tapwater but only fo fill the water bottles every day. I put a two bottles on the coffee table
very day and he drinks it without noticing it LOL.

On MOnday the count down begins 10/9/7/6 etc, the end is sight at last. John will be counting down the days come MOnday

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