Friday, March 10, 2006

Oh my, I feel soooo silly.

Got up this morning and I felt cold, not unusual for me because I wear a very thin, nothing really to it nightie. I put my little blanket over my legs as normal. Got up to make the second cuppa and I thought my back was going roll into my spine, the spasm was so bad . Checked the inside temp and it was almost 50F!!!!! So I felt the radiator and they were stone cold! All of them. My temper kicked into high gear in an instant. Turned the heating system off, turned the thermostat down then up turned the heating back on, waited a half hour and..... NOTHING!!!

Miss I'm in a raging temper phoned the repair people, talked to the girl who knows what's going on. I was polite to her even though it was trough gritted teeth. She told me that she would get the heating company out today. Great, that was fine except that meant another day I couldn't go with John and we had plans to go grocery shopping. Grrrrr.

Then I did the online banking, turned the laptop off and put it back, ummmmm oh SHIT! I'd turned the back boiler off when I put the laptop away last night giggggle. Had to phone Jill right back and tell her what I'd done. We both go a good laugh out it and my face was red!!!

So there you go, have a good laugh, it's worth being silly once and while if you can make someone smiel

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