Friday, March 03, 2006

It's official.

I'm married to an OAP! giggggle. I'm going to buy him a new fishing rod for his birthday but will wait it's spingtime warmer. That way I can save some extra dosh and maybe get him a better one. (Johns choice) Tonight he gets to have lobster and salad for dinner. I hope I can get one in the fresh fist department in Tescos. I'm going to have a steak, I don't do lobster ever.

Happy birthday my very own OAP!


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Many happy returns of the day!

by the way, what is an OAP?

Lee said...

yeah gam, what's an OAP? and enjoy your fancy dinner tonite!

Vanda said...

Gigggle. An OAP is Old Age Pensioner. Johns is 65 today and dinner was great. No lobster steak for me and gian prawns for John.