Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just do it!

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I need to do. Talk about the worlds best/worst procrastinator. Today I just decided to stop thinking about it so much and just do it! So far I've changed one bed, got the whites in the washer, half the bedding is on the bed the rest in the dryer. And a bit more pottering around, got the Sunday dinner cookin, kitchen to clean up then I'm done for the day. Oh plus lots of "sit downs" to give my back a rest.

It's really hard for me to "just do it", because I know my back and right arm are going to hurt like hell but and it's a biggie, my house looks like hell. To much needs doing so I'm hoping a little bit at a time it might start looking a bit cleaner. I'll see how I'm doing by Friday.

Christmas has been put away, and the boxes are in the loft.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

From one procrastinator to another: You go, Girl!!!!

Denise said...

And you think my lists are scarey. You got more done than I did.

Emsxiety said...

Im so proud of you, go get em!

Vanda said...

So far it's working apart from today. It's a bad back day so resting is in order.

Giggggle Karen, bet I'm worse than you.

Denise you're lists are so much longer than mine, not that I make lists. I still don't know how you manage to get so much done. What with working at home, kidlets and all the other stuff you have to do. You were my inspiration to start this "Just do it" thing.

I'm hoping Em that this lasts longer than a lot of things I decided to start.