Thursday, January 19, 2006

By George I did it!!!

This is the most spoiled member of my family Spike, aka Spikeman, Spikeyman or the kid.

Oooook, this is the third time trying to publish. Wonder if it will be a lucky third

Check out the links>>>>>>>
Now I know how to put them on there's no stopping me LOL.


Denise said...

He is cute - for a dog!

Vanda said...

Of course he is LOL.

~ nellenelle said...

Woohoo.. now for some pics of Vanda out and about the town! Lessee... a good shot in the local pub, what with a beer and bangers... would be a good start!

Emsxiety said...

He is a really cute dog!

Vanda said...

bbuyA beer and a banger? giggggle I don't drink beer. Remind me I have to charge the batteries for my camera. Then I'll show you a little bit of Cavendish.

Thanks Em. I think he is too, and he is such a lover.