Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ok, I'm not ready for this.

My two granddaughters who are 21 and 18 are going out clubbing tonight. Seems like they were only born last month. Oh My I was only 36 when Courtney was born. Damn, does this mean I'm getting old or supposed to feel old?......Hell No. I wonder why I can't start a new paragraph while I'm typing this?? It's pissing me off. Time to stop me thinks.


~ nellenelle said...

You aren't that old, I'm not that far behind, yanno. Maybe you will get to have a drink with them one day.

Vanda said...

No, I don't feel old. LOL My body might but the rest of me doesn't.

If they came for a visit here, Meagan would be able to drink. The age for drinking/buying booze here is 18.