Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't touch me, don't come near me.

My nerve endings fell like they are exposed to the air. I hurt, I want to curl up and stop the pain. I don't want to have clothes on even the loose ones I'm wearing now. When are these new drugs going to kick in?

My body is hot, I have the fan on high. This is something new, a hot body. My skin isn't hot to the touch, it feels normal so John says. It's October, very cool out and I have fan blasting on me. It's not hot flushes, been there had that and take HRT which work very well, thank you;-)

Enough whingeing. Tomorrow is Saturday, another day and I will feel better, how's that for positive thinking.

I look pretty funny today, my hair is up like normal, but I have a thin blue skirt on and a lavender sleepless t-shirt that's the loosest and coolest thing I own, no slippers, socks or shoes. I never wear them in the house unless it snows. Then my feel can't stand the cold. Then I wear my slipper socks and take them off as soon as possible.

Did you know I hate my printer? Two tries today and the damn thing finally loaded. We need to work on some updated budget sheets. I'm so stressed over the printer I'm going to work on them after dinner.

Another ramble from me.


Emsxiety said...

(((Vanda))) Have they tried the duragesic patch? You use pain med pills to help with break through pain but the medication in the patch is in a constant pain reliever in a consistent amount over a three day period, every three days you change it. I was just curious because I know the patch has been a life saver for my husband.

TW said...

Hope you will feel frisky again soon.

sassymonkey said...


I hope the new meds start kicking in soon.

Vanda said...

No yet Em. I knew the pain would get worse until the new meds kicked in. I stopped all the old one sorta cold turkey LOL. I'll give it the three months and see how it goes when I get to the really hige dose. If I keep getting the breakthrough pain that's something she and I will have to talk about. Hugs and thanks for thinking of me.

Vanda said...

Me too TW, me too. It won't be long I'm sure.

Vanda said...

Thanks Sassy, I hope so too. Thanks for the message.