Sunday, October 16, 2005

31 Feeds

In my old blog. Thank god they don't all decide to blog all at once. I love having a blogs to read every day, and always save my favourite until last.

Not a bad day, not a good day with pain today. I can be on my feet long enough to make a cuppa without pain, that's a step forward and today I peeled the spuds without having to sit down, so that's two steps forward. Maybe by this time next week I'll have some more steps forward.

I hope the muscle meds kick in soon. Anyone ever taken Zanaflex?

Enjoyed my Wallace and Gromit TV watching :-) . Remind me someone to call my SIL and see if she can get John a Wallace and Gromit coffee mug.

Have a good week friends.


Denise said...

31 feeds, lol. YOu're a nut. Do you know how many I have? How many TW has? ;-)

Vanda said...

You know Denise it's your fault entirely that I spend so much time with blogs.

I would hate to think how many you and TW have between you. Start a raffle and get rid of some of that lube to winner giggggle.