Friday, August 19, 2005

Mood ring, Fritos and lavender body wash. What do they have in common?

They were just some of the things I got in my birthday boxes that Grace sent me. Although I could do without the darn glitter that came in the packages and all of the bd cards from her and her family. She also sent me a couple of web site design books for Dummies. LOL think she was telling me something?

Sadly one box of Fritos are already gone. How many have you gotten Spray and Wash sticks for your birthday? Oddles of stuff in those two boxes and this time I didn't have to pay Customs tax. I had a lot of fun opening all those pretty packages and boxes. If you want to borrow my cold pillow just ask, giggggle. Mind you John would like a word with her about the glittter LOLOLOL.


Denise said...

You can keep the lavendar body wash, lavendar makes TW weepy and weird. I'll take the fritos though. (You'd think a civilized country like England could get some fritos, wouldn't you? Backwards people.)

Vanda said...

You'd think with all this "new" food they have now that those kind of gooodies would be among them.

Mexican is the new In food!

nadine ponting said...

Looking points are great, having good sound..!!


mood ring