Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blasted number 63 or how to lose 10K.

John..Ummm Vanda.
Vanda... what.
J....I've got all the numbers ticked on on the card.
V. Yeah right.
J... Really I have.
V. Show me
...J. hands over card. Sure enough all numbers are checked off.
V... Holy crap you do. You had better phone them.
J... I can't, I'm scared LOL.
V... pickes up phone, dials and it's busy.
V... tries again a few minutes later.
Lady on phone...Please read out your number.
V...starts reading them off, gets almost to the end, gets to number 63.......!!!! BAMB!!!!!
Lady on phone....sorry that number hasn't been printed.
V...sits there in stuned silence.
J... checks all the newspapers for the week and NO number 63.

We've just lost 10K. Sighhh oh well there is always next week, and the next, and the next.


~ nellenelle said...

Argghhhh! So close, yet so far...

oh well, ya never know! I've not bought a ticket in moons, maybe will again at some point.

Take a nap and dream!

Emsxiety said...

ACK, did you already have it spent???

Vanda said...

Didn't have time to really but while I was waiting I had planned a huge grocery shop LOL.

Vanda said...

I splashed out nelle and got three lottery tickets. Must check them, keeping fingers crossed:-)

~ nellenelle said...


Vanda said...

One number out of three lucky dip line. LOL